6-Outlet 2160 Joules RJ11/45 w/5ft Cord

They need to bring back the $5 all day shipping. I would buy this, but I am not paying another $5 to ship it.

Missed it by seconds :frowning:

Is it only me, or are all the crapschmidts filled with errors? Or more correctly, ambiguous.

Damnit… missed it again.

For those of you wondering: 61116751269

I give up figuring out what Avogadro’s number they fucking want (6.02 * 10^23? 6.02214129 * 10^23? What?)

Definitely… I still haven’t figured this out and I’m a PhD student in chemistry. I didn’t even have to look this crap up, I thought I’d get it easily.

So 61138490253 wasn’t the right answer…what was?

(/61138490253/offers/fbf8d74fe343b5b8e4b) is what I put

Well, the computed number should come at the end of the URL, according to the rubric. But as there are many ways to specify the Avogadro constant, the number you’ll get is different.

If anyone actually got the correct URL can you post your method?

Apparently 6.02x10^23 / 9.85 * 10^12 = 61116751269.03 (rounded down to 61116751269). Sadly a very rounded down Avogadro constant. That rounding error of 21024643 is a little big. :wink: