6 Pack iPhone Lightning CableChargers

6 Pack iPhone Lightning CableChargers

We are now wondering if these are good for mobiles and tablets…anyone in the know?

I only want the red ones.

Any ideas for possible craft uses of the blue and white versions? Could they, say, be used to decorate a Christmas tree? Be part of an exotic mural? Can I hang them from the door frame like a beaded curtain and emerge dramatically into the room. “Vood you like to see my chambers, darlink? Come zis way… pass throo za lightning gate, my dear. All shall be revealed…”


Hair extensions, cat toys, shoe laces…

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Says you get 2 3-foot, 3 6-foot, and 1 10-foot cable, but the photos indicate differently?

Multi-color photo appears to show that ratio, but the all-blue shows 2 of one length and 4 of another.

Maybe you’re looking at a different picture than me? I see 2-3-1 on the blue as well.

We checked with the vendor and indeed both Assorted and Blue cables come in all the correct sizes.