6 Pack - SimpleHouseware Laundry Bra

6 Pack - SimpleHouseware Laundry Bra

Isn’t this supposed to say Laundry Bags?

haha…seems as if someone was looking at the photo when writing the title. :rofl:

@ThunderThighs When I go to checkout with these in my cart, the only shipping option available for this item is Two-Day shipping. Logged in using the 'Zon and we have Prime, which is evident with the other three items in my cart showing the expected “Standard Free | Amazon Prime”.

Is this item not eligible for Prime-based free standard shipping? Because it wants to charge me $12 shipping for a 6.99 item - not so sure about that action.


Sorry about that. It’s fixed. Buy the bags.


Pretty sure it’s just Alexa gone sentient.

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No getting out of this one… Bought! Thanks again!

Ain’t this what pillow cases are for?

I have these.
Pros: keeps socks together! Our socks are kept separate (we wear the same size) and have been using these to keep smaller items organized with a front load washer that can jam with a small sock.

Cons: The ZIPPER doesn’t always stay CLOSED, so items fall out in the washer during the cycle. This was frustrating at first and then I got the hang of TUCKING SECURELY the zipper under the elastic. Seems to be working.


I paid $7.97 at the main site last year.

That said, contemplating buying more.

I also use these for things that get tied up with the other laundry, like the ties off of bathrobes, etc.