doesn’t work. waste of money.

Not only does Garcinia not work, it’s also extremely toxic in some people. A friend of mine took two capsules and a few hours later, suffered intense and prolonged vomiting. After two hours during which she had vomited at least 12 times and had abdominal pain, I took her to the emergency room where she had a number of tests, an IV and medication to stop the vomiting. She and I lost an entire day, the insurance paid out a lot of money, and my friend suffered pain and anxiety.

Avoid this abhorrent garbage (Dr. Oz, at least in this instance, is full of sh*t).

Want to lose weight? Try avoiding fast foods, sugary treats and candies, and desserts. Get on a reasonable and healthy diet as a lifestyle change, not to lose weight you will gain back. Consider low carb, paleo, and Mediterranean diets for openers and try to stick to them. None of those are painful. The results of using Garcinia certainly can be. Check the literature for Garcinia and nausea and vomiting or gastritis.

Bad for your liver, Screw the 10 lbs I may lose, I rather ruin my liver drinking more Bud