6-Piece 100% Cotton Zero Twist Towel Set

OMG, I was having trouble accessing HomeWoot!!! I wanted to buy the rooster silverware but could not access the page. I literally was just able to get in here finally. Anyway the seller of the silverware can contact me??? Long shot, I know.

OK, am I high? Where in the heck is the line “One Measly Freaking Gadget” coming from? I did not type that nor can I find the line in edit. Maybe I just need to go to sleep.

In for 3 … wife will be so proud of me for saving over $300 off the retail price!

Sorry, that sale ended at midnight. Keep watching the site, it may come back at some point.

Word filters. :slight_smile:


There’s more, but you need to figure those out yourself. :tongue:

OK, Thanx.

I believe this is the same rooster silverware: https://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-20-Piece-Flatware-French-Rooster/dp/B00FGKDF6A
I can’t remember how much woot had them for yesterday, but thought it would be worth linking to the mothership (Amazon) in case you couldn’t find them.

they were 18.99 yesterday ( I bought 2 sets) checked the mothership and they were 25.95 a set there yesterday