6 Piece Jacquard/Solid Towel Set

6 Piece Jacquard/Solid Towel Set

If you are looking for plush towels, these arent for you. Very thin and skimpy construction. Beware of color substitution. I ordered sterling blue ( light blue) and got Denim ( Navy). I cannot recommend these towels. You get what you pay for i guess. Very dissatisfied.

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If you’re wanting a more plush towel, you’ll want to look for a higher GSM.

GSM Weight Description
300-400 Light Weight A thinner, lighter towel that dries quickly. Excellent for travel such as to the gym or beach.
400-600 Medium Weight A good weight for bath towels. It is thicker and more absorbent than its lighter counterparts.
600-900 Luxury Weight These are the premium towel with a heavier feel. It is more absorbent but also takes longer to dry.