6-Piece Luxury Spa Wavy Quick-Dry Towel Set - 5 Colors

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6-Piece Luxury Spa Wavy Quick-Dry Towel Set - 5 Colors
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**I’M BLOC…**um…Nice towels! I already went long awhile ago on towel sets but these look nice!

I bought this set and they fray on the edges. The hem comes off.

I bought a set of these recently from Woot. I’ve only washed them twice so far and haven’t seen any fraying. They’re very cushy and absorbent towels, a nice upgrade from the old ones I was using before.

I have been looking around for a new towel set. The price is great on these, but I just don’t like the look of them. It reminds me of a poop emoji, even if not piled like in the product photos.

Can someone label the colors in the pictures? Being a guy I see a limited # Of colors like red, blue, brown, black, white , green - what the heck is Sage? Isn’t that a vegetable or something?

Taupe? I think I had taupe once and spent 2 days in the hospital…terrible stuff that taupe

I bought a set of these a while back and the dye started to blotchily come out on the first wash (no there was no bleach involved in that load of wash or the previous). You’d be better off just waiting for the Threshhold versions to go on sale at your local Target, or even better splurge for the Fieldcrest name at the same store.



They do have labels on them but it’s only available on the non-mobile site unfortunately. But the photos are in the same order as the drop down menu.

I was hoping to see an inclusion of one of those oversized bath sheets in the set… instead this is essentially a set of two sets of normal towels. Perfect for a guest room in those ephemeral colors, although sadly, no Slate.

“What?,” you say, that’s aka Gray? Curse be the marketer who missed that chance!

I bought a set of these the last round…they were great for about three washings, then the fraying started. After several washes some started losing color in odd patches…and we don’t use any bleach of any kind and a standard brand name detergent. Really disappointing. We tossed all of the bath towels (but kept the hand towels, which are holding up better) and replaced them with a similar set from Ikea that has been perfect so far after several months of use. These were definitely disappointing, but might make nice “decorative towels” that aren’t intended to be used, because they do look nice.

Thanks!! I’ll have to de-mobilize

Towels are of very poor quality. I was extremely disapointed. Woot occasionally will throw in some poor quality items and this is one of them.

blah, these looked nice but the reviews are terrible.

is the $129 MSRP to make you feel like youre getting a deal? for $5 a bundle, a bad towel is not a good deal, its a headache.


You can also desktopitize or laptopitize.

Based on the helpful comments, I assume the Home Source MicroCotton towels are better quality.

Soooo, eleven days after I have paid, and the tracking show “label created” Come on Woot, put that box on the counter for the fed Ex guy to pick up already!!!

What is a reasonable amount of time to expect it to take to actually place that label on a box?

Sorry for the delay. It should have shipped in 3-5 business days after the day your ordered. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

EDIT - Shipped with an ETA of Friday.

*I’m having the same experience. Here was the reply I got on Friday:


We sincerely apologize for any delay! Our crazy shipper monkeys are currently working as fast as they can to get your order out the door. The original sales listing for this item lists our standard processing time as 3-8 business days for the item to ship out. The day of purchase, weekends, holidays, and the 3-8 business days for shipping transit time do not count. Please bear with us and thank you for your continued patience.

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