6-Piece Luxury Spa Wavy Quick-Dry Towel Set

Love mine. Glad they’re back. Buying for my mom. They do leave a lot of lint in the dryer, so wash/dry like colors.

I had that problem when I bought these too, but now that I’ve had my set for ~6 months it seems to be fine.

I had these in a blue color and loved then. Then I stupidly discovered that proactiv acts basically like bleach. Getting a new set in white!

Does anyone know the brand of the towels and the country in which they are made? Thanks.

Per the specs, they’re made in India.

Sometimes we are unable to give out the manufacturer/brand. This is to protect their brand presence in the marketplace at this price.

how do you see all the colors?

Desktop: In the photo gallery on the detail page (with the features/specs).

Mobile, swipe left.

Retail of $129 is hard to believe. I did a quick search on Google for the description of this towel and found at least six sites selling the same towel for under $39. Do your research before buying.

Ahhhh, I post this so often.

Retail <> List Price

List price is the price the manufacturer thinks their worth and would love for you to pay. It’s like the sticker price on a car.

listen up wooters, I was skeptical too but have a few pieces of 100% cotton, made in India from local bad and bath type store, so expensive I only buy at their year end blow out & have to settle for picked through-non matching items. Not any more, NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! I ordered three sets of these- wash before use-SUPER SOFT AND FLUFFY. Oversized like I like and great looping. If your picky about your linen like me, YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Wish they came in more colors.

Can’t tell… do these have those annoying non-fluffy decorative bands near the short ends?

Are they absorbent? I hate getting towels that basically just push the water around… :slight_smile:

Per the vendor: There is no decorative band on this towel. It’s wavy all the way.

Says made in India in the specs.

Bought these earlier in the summer from Woot. One of the large towels ripped at the threading along the edge in two spots during its first drying cycle. The towels were the only thing in the wash, so no negligence on my part, and I’m pretty good with adult chores IMO.

Do they dry things? Yes.
Are they quality? I’d give these towels a 5 out of 7.

Just received a set of these, haven’t washed them yet, so can’t comment on quality, absorbency, etc. What I did want to share is that I ordered Ivory, the tags say Ivory, but the color is a kind of pale lemon yellow. Not what my wife or I would ever consider to be ivory, and not resembling the color in the listing. We’re keeping these because we don’t care enough to return them, but thought it worth sharing

I was very disappointed. The stitching came undone and they shed little pieces of fluff even after months of washing.

Bought these a few woots back. They were great for about three months then began unraveling and discoloring. And no, we don’t use bleach in our cleaning or toiletry products. They just flat out fell apart. But they were great while they lasted, if that helps. They might make great towels for a guest bath or something, but not daily drivers.