6-Piece Luxury Spa Wavy Quick-Dry Towel Set

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6-Piece Luxury Spa Wavy Quick-Dry Towel Set
Price: $21.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Feb 28 to Wednesday, Mar 01) + transit
Condition: New


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bought these last time. The cloth itself is nice and absorbent. But, the edges are not well sewn and started to unbind after just a few washings. Would not recommend

Thank you. I was about to pull the trigger, but you saved me the hassle.

Thanks for the heads up on the poor quality. Was about to buy a set until I saw your comment.

I too previously purchased these, they are ok but they have not lasted very long. The “thick” rib is really no thicker than a standard towel and the “thin” rib is quite thin and is probably why they call them quick drying as by weight there is less towel here than a standard towel. They look unique and that might be there best asset.

A towel set is on Woot,
and the point is really quite moot.
You can buy this towel
Instead of using a trowel.
So give up some of your loot.

Not easy to find a rhyme for towel? Loved your creative works this morning!

Thanks! Towel is not nearly as tough as refrigerator. I used refrigerator recently in a poem on a poetry website. Being semi-retired and sitting at home bored leads to some very poor poetry, btw.

I 100% agree. I bought a few sets and after a few times through the laundry they’re all fraying on the edges. VERY VERY POOR quality towels. Don’t waste your money.

Thanks for sharing comments. I was just about ready to order. Previous comments have changed my mine.

There once were some towels on Woot/

That buyers thought were a hoot/

“The quality sucks”/

But for 21 bucks/

For my needs they’ll certainly suit.

Not bad…

I got these previously and sent them back because the towel edges unraveled with the first wash, even before I had used them. I wouldn’t recommend buying them.

I also bought these before and the edges started falling apart after the first wash. I emailed Woot to get a replacement set and all they did was give me a $5 credit…I will probably never buy anything fro Woot again.

I bought these last time (sage) and they are very soft and fluffy. They have been washed on hot many times and have held up very well for us. We have not had any unraveling at all. Our main complaint would be that they aren’t as absorbent as we’re used to, especially in the beginning, but they have become more absorbent with each subsequent washing.

I bought a set of these, I have no issues as of yet, and it’s been quite a while with many washes.

They are soft, absorbent, and holding up well with no unraveling as people have stated above.

I am tempted to buy another set just because.
Keep in mind, it’s a $22 set of towels. It’s not a $100 set of fancy high end towels. use your heads…

I got a set of these previously and read review that stated the edges would unravel, but that has not been my experience. The comment about thickness is right on though, they are normal thickness in the fat parts and thinner in the thin parts, also not too absorbent when new, but getting better with washes. I like mine, and would recommend them, look at the price again and adjust your expectations.

Edit: I just bought another set, they actually got 5.00 cheaper than last time.

I purchased these towels the last time. They are great. Hold up very well. Was about to order another set, but the wife said no. We already have enough towels. I highly recommend them.

I too have bought these only to have one unravel in first washing and another unravel in second washing. Also as has already been stated, the thin area of the ridges is extremely thin, as in hold it up to the light and see light shining through thin. Do not recommend.