6-Piece Luxury Spa Wavy Quick-Dry Towel Set

Stay away. These look great, feel soft, but they easily start to pull apart between the ridges. We’ve had ours for only a couple of months and they are already falling apart.

We’ve bought several sets of these from the different sales over the past few months (at least 3 different sales). We love them. We have the sage, taupe, and spa blue. We wash all our towels on hot and dry on hot. They have all stayed in great condition with the exception of one taupe hand towel. It has any a 3 inch section where the seam came apart on the edge. It happened after the first wash before use. But a quick zip with the sewing machine (or a hand needle and thread) and no problem. All the others have stayed in great condition. (We have at least 10+ sets we’ve accumulated over the past several months)