6-Piece Luxury Spa Wavy Quick-Dry Towel Set

Bought these the last round in a tan (trying the blue now). Very fluffy and soft! Take a bit longer to dry if you hang your towels to dry, due to the extra terry in the thick part of the swirls. What a great price for the set!

Thanks, renebee…is there anything you DON’T like about these towels? Any other thoughts will be appreciated!

Comments from a previous sale

We have purchased several sets of these over the past few sales here on woot. If I had money in my budget for these this time around, I’d buy another couple sets!
We have purchased the blue, sage, and taupe. They get washed on hot every wash and dried on high in the dryer. They have held up very well. We did have one taupe hand towel fray after the first wash from the last set we bought. But all others have not frayed one stitch. They don’t seem as absorbent in the beginning after the first couple washes, but we just mentioned to each other how they are super absorbent now.

We really like these towels. They are much better than our other towels. It’s nice to have great towels for us and for when guests come! Wish I knew these were going to be on sale this week. I would have budgeted differently to buy some more.

Just another upvote. These are really nice towels. My favorite ever since I got them a year or so ago.

I was disappointed. I do not have a dryer, and these towels are not quick drying on a clothesline. Futhermore, they shed small pieces even after more than 5 washes, and the stictching came loose in 4 of the 6 requiring hemming.

Really love these towels. I have purchased at least four sets in the white. They have held up very well. They are nice and fluffy. I am toying with buying the sage this time around. In my next life I am going to be rich and buy ten sets (minimum).

Are the bath towels really only 27" x 54"? When googling the image, other sites show this as 30" x 58"

Vendor says our specs are correct and the other sites are incorrect. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response TT

Do these towels get snags? Like how a towel with loose loops will end up with strings hanging everywhere?

Huge waste of money. I purchased one set some months back. All towels continue to shed after multiple washings (which means you are covered with lint when trying to towel off after a shower) and the edging has completely frayed on two of them.

Love them, and would buy another set but sold out!