6-Piece Metal Bath Accessory Set

Help a girl out… I’m 24, just bought my first house… gimme something I can use thats Cheap!! I tried to get that bamboo cutting board… no luck! :,(

that is a shame. i bought those last time around and they are great.

Bought these from a woot in late April (2012), and the soap dish is already rusting on the top and around the bottom rim. We use a water softener, so the rust spots are not a result of hard water deterioration; in other words: the soap dish is junk.

One word, “rust”.

Bought the 6-piece set during this round, started using the set around May 27th, discovered rust at the base of toothbrush holder piece on June 8th. Basically, it seems like if the piece-set gets wet, it will rust, which seems like a fatal design flaw for bathroom accessory. If you can magically keep your toothbrush or soap dry everyday, then you may consider buying this set, otherwise I will skip it.