6 Piece Metallic Blue Houdini Wine Tool & Stand

Excellent wedding gift. It’s pretty.


Amazon has ugh good review. Oh, and they have the wine opener for cheaper.

Looks the same as the one I picked up from the previous wine.wootoff in Feb. except in Blue. Red one works really well.

Tempted to get this for my son. Or just because it’s blue.

I’ve had one for years. Excellent product. It does as advertised. It will even open bottles after the party has started without the associated laughter.

Web Site Info…


Man… so many of the Woot deals tonight are close to what I need, but just not right. Out of this set, I only need a foil cutter. If I didn’t already have 3 corkscrews, I would pull the trigger.

One question on this, as I am thinking about gifting this: I see the gears are metal, but does that mean the handles, etc. are plastic? (…and if so, how strong is the plastic?)

This wine opener takes up way more space than our double hinged wine keys that accomplished the same task… and the double hinged keys are all one piece, rather than 5 held together via snazzy stand. Is it faster to open a bottle with this? Has any one timed it?

Convince me that this is better than just buying another good bottle of wine. Please.

And I just spilled some 2006 Tesoro on my leg.

$20.05 at Amazon…what’s the deal?


If you buy from Amazon Woot! doesn’t make money :slight_smile:

$19.59 on Amazon as well for the blue…


So I can get this for $20.06 with 2-day shipping using my Amazon Prime membership?

We’ve had one of these in red for years. Works great and is well worth what we paid for it.

That’s for the silver one…the blue is even cheaper. :frowning:

Previous Woot

Yes. Or the blue for even less.

Every once in a while, this happens. Sorry wine.woot. Amazon beat you. :frowning:

Oops, even cheaper in blue. $19.59,
C’mon woot, you can do better than Amazon!

I feel like I’m betraying the sanctity of the relationship I have with Woot but I can get the same thing in silver (which matches my kitchen decor) for $26.23 including shipping, while Woot’s is 28.99 with shipping. I’m so torn!