6 Piece Metallic Blue Houdini Wine Tool & Stand

6 Piece Metallic Blue Houdini Wine Tool & Stand
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PRODUCT: 1 Blue Houdini Tool Stand

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Ah good, little break. Nothing will replace my traditional knife/screw combo.

All these mechanical screws have too many moving parts and end up breaking down quickly.

Guess no wine for at least a couple hours now while these amateur devices sell out (or will they), my checkbook thanks you.
Show me a Laguiole Corkscrew and we’re talking.

Yes, I find that simple works a lot better with things like this.


Ah, I got a Houdini wine opener as a gift, and we love it. So, so much easier than a simple corkscrew.

My wife wants one…

I hear, and obey!

Can I ask how it’s easier than a corkscrew?

I had a similar product and found myself going back to my normal corkscrew/knife combo. Also it broke in under a years use (wasn’t cheap either, was bought @ Napa/Sonoma).

SWMBO! You should negotiate an extra order or two for buying this for her! :slight_smile:

Does one of these make it easier to get corks out? What about disintegrating corks? I’ve run into a bunch of those lately.

Also, can someone describe how this works? I’ve just used a grocery store two-handled cork puller. Thanks!

WOW… that Ty moved faster than a Usain Bolt 100 meter dash

Well… I’m not very technical, but the act of inserting the corkscrew requires very little physical effort. A similar amount of force (i.e. very little) is required to remove the cork from the bottle.

Maybe I’m just a wine neophyte, but it would normally take me a minute or so to remove your average cork. Now it takes less than 10 seconds, with significantly less effort. (Using a knife to remove the seal takes the same amount of time as before - no change to that part of the process.)


  • I’ve not tried it with a bad cork.
  • I’ve only had it for a few months.

Hope that helps.

[EDIT: Sorry, this isn’t quite the same as what I have at home. The version I received was all metal, no plastic, and is probably hardier than this item.]

Cheesy ad for this particular model: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG5mW6F1SoU

Pretty much explains it all. It doesn’t work well on the disintegrating corks in my experience - it just pushes them down further into the bottle.

The only corkscrew you should own are these:


Stylish and functional. Everyone I know that has used one has marveled at how simple it was.

Winery Insider has a Laguiole wine tote with two glasses and a corkscrew included in the accessories section if that’s what you’re looking for…

I have one of these from joining the 4 seasons wine club a while back (really the only thing good I got out of that club, cancelled after the first case) and I haven’t had any problems with breaking… Call me an amateur but I could never get the hang of a corkscrew, so I love these things.

Got one for the wife.I am not a big wine drinker,and anytime I tried to take out a cork,I would mess up the cork,so now if I use this,I should have no problem,or I will just let the wife do it LOL.

I wouldn’t use something like this on a bottle where you suspect a delicate cork. My experience is that for “normal” corks, these things work really nicely, but it doesn’t strike me as being the most gentle way of getting a cork out.

Basically, there’s two wing type things at the bottom of the corkscrew that you put around the edge of the bottle and squeeze together with the lever at the top all the way up. Then you pull the lever down, and the corkscrew twists its way down into the neck of the bottle. When you pull it back up, it carries the cork out with it, and then if you repeat the process without the bottle holding the base open, it will release the cork from the screw.

I like these things because they give quite a bit of leverage for pulling stubborn corks out, and it’s a really simple motion once you get the hang of it. The downside is that they feel a little wimpy and plastic-y, so I’ve had a few bottles where tight corks felt like they might start to break the corkscrew. That said, I’ve had mine for a number of years now and not had any serious problems with it, and I haven’t even needed to switch to the spare corkscrew yet (they’re Teflon coated to make them glide into the corks easier). The gears themselves are metal, but the rest of the lever and handle thing is plastic.

As for the rest of the set, the foil cutter isn’t the easiest thing in the world to use, especially as the blades start to go dull with use. Mine is nearly useless now for all but the thinnest foils. There’s a bottle-topper that can hold pressure which is really handy for those sparkling wines (or big bottles of beer) that you don’t want to finish in one sitting. I can’t speak about the pourer/stopper, though, since I’ve never gotten one of those. It does drive me nuts when red wine drips down the side of the bottle, though…

I received one of these as a gift last xmas. Although it is tough to appear manly while using it, it does work like a charm. It requires very little effort. The foil cutter is also a nice touch if you don’t wanna use a food knife or what have you.