6-Piece Ratchet & Socket Set

6-Piece Ratchet & Socket Set

OK- there are 5 metric/SAE combo sockets-- but what is the 6th piece??

is that an unpictured/undescribed ratchet??

Yo mods! Can you confirm the above picture is the item we will receive? In other words, do the sockets come with a wrench? If so, this is a great deal and I’ll be in.

To further the confusion:

Title: Craftsman 6-Piece Ratchet & Socket Set (948844)

Features: “This 5-piece socket set helps you get the job done right.”
Does not mention ratchet in description.

Specs tab: (1) Craftsman Extreme Grip 5-Piece Socket Wrench Set

I looked up the part # on Google and it does show a ratchet, but I’d like to be sure.

Oh most definitely. There is a socket-only version of this set. The photo matches that set, so I’m thinking the title is wrong.

Edit - The description is a copy/paste from a previous sale of the 5-piece socket-only set which did not include model numbers.

Edit2 - …and read the comments on the previous sale. Looks like it had a similar mistake as well.

the 6th piece, is the rail they attach to.

I have a 12 socket set of these, they are perfect for those random jobs far from your tool box where exact size isn’t known.
most recently i used them to take down a swing set we got off FB, didn’t know what sizes i would need before i got there, but the set performed perfect


Image posted by @mhutton above is correct. It includes the ratchet!!

Muchas thanks!

In for two. Going into my boy’s tool boxes.

Just received my set, it comes with the ratchet and the 5 sockets and the socket holder!