6-Piece Yoga Set - Pick Color

This set isn’t bad for the price. The mat and blocks have a very strong chemical odor so let them air our for a couple of days before using.

The mat is thick but I’m not sure how well it will hold up. Might be a little awkward for some positions as well, especially if you use it on a carpet. The blocks are cheap but pretty solid. The strap and carry strap are nice to have, but as you’d expect for a set this price- they’re pretty flimsy.

The towels, well… I washed them once and they really don’t look anywhere as nice as the picture. They weren’t really a factor in my decision to make this purchase but they’re pretty cheap and probably won’t last long. The large towel is quite long though and may help a little while it lasts, since the mat tends to feel very slippery if gets at all damp.

Probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone I know, but I don’t completely hate it.