6' Prowling Black Cat with Moving Head

6' Prowling Black Cat with Moving Head

I just saw this today, but i figured i’d chime in.

These were sold a few year back at Home Depot (might still be sold there this year.) I was a visual merchandiser for them and part of my job was climbing to the top of the store shelving and installing the display of this cat.

I remember it vividly because someone would buy the “last one” all through October and i’d have to climb up and unzip-tie it and deflate it and shove it back in the box so they could take it home. Almost like clockwork a new shipment would arrive and i’d climb back up and reinstall a new one. Its head moves only a little bit side to side, but it’s reliable and blows up quickly. All the ones i had to inflate and deflate and such never had issues and people really seemed to like them. One time I had them sell out by the time I finished installing the display (the shipment had like 4-5 or so and we were the top store in the region for sales and foot traffic.)

Odd that Woot has them… but get you a big inflatable kitty. They’re fun.

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