6-Tier with Wood Shelves

6-Tier with Wood Shelves

Random colors :flushed:

How much weight will they hold?

From the description on the listing:

Part of Origami’s Heavier Duty Line-Up, the R6 Series is Origami’s top of the line storage units capable of still folding under 5 seconds while holding up to 1000 lbs without any hassle.

It doesn’t break down the per-shelf weight limit, if that’s what you’re asking.

Okay Woot. So I can’t sleep again and I’m wandering the forum. I’ve never quite understood the whole “origami shelves” thing but what the heck I say, lets look at these, I’m always looking for more storage.

Then lets go find this video where HSN was selling a verrrrry similar shelfs.

Dagnabbit I clicked the stupidly large yellow button again.
Send me a good color Woot.

No measurements? Does this have the same dimensions as the 6-tier non-wood shelves?

These? From the specs?

Product Dimensions 23 x 11 x 65 inches

Silly me! How or why would I expect it to be in the “features” copy, especially after already having looked over the listing for the 5-shelf unit and the other 6-shelf unit, where the specs showed only what was “in the box”, and the features tab had all the relevant info.
Thanks just the same.
But I suppose what’s killing this for me is that I’m rolling the dice over the possibility of receiving a color that is wholly inappropriate for just about any decor except that of a 14 year old girl, and having to donate it right away.

I know. We’re terribly inconsistent about where we put info. It makes me twitch.