60 Inch Brushed Steel 4th Avenue

I now have 4 of these fans now and even though Woot staff has Ben attempting resolution, the fan blades are NOT brushed steel. Only the body. Blades are chocolate brown. I’m a little disappointed that Woot is posting this again without resolution and clarity. Go to move website and you can see different product codes.

So the pictures for this particular fan are not accurate? Just clarifying, as I’m interested in getting one but only if the blades are gray as well.

Is the fan rated for outdoor use?

The picture and color selection does not match what is actually shipped. I ordered the brush nickle fan, but it cam with black. dark brown blades!!!

Please check the email account for the email address you have on your Woot account. We emailed everyone on Aug 18 telling them about the error in the sale.

Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.