60" Ob Chain

So no forceps but they came up with more surprises. Glad you spotted it!
I read once of a young girl new to menses who said tampons she bought did not work. Turns out wrong hole.

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She needed the lube

I think she needed better aim.

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I wonder if there’s a combo pack with a blindfold or feather duster or handcuffs.

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It’s a rite of passage that you must gather those items and pass through a busy checkout on your own.

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I only skimmed the comments and I still learned more than I wanted to know.


Penguins for the ethical treatment of penguins WOULD be sending you a very strongly worded letter.

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We also were shocked and wondered to whom we could gift these.

Or maybe for whom …Your buyer has hobbies…

A letter I WOULD promptly ignore.

Or maybe I’d keep it to help light the BBQ for making those penguin burgers.


That’s why it would be strongly worded; it would provide better fuel.

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Did someone say penguin burgers!

Family Guy Reaction GIF



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Oh… I thought it was for stretching calves.

@davejlives Maybe there will be $1.00 OB Chains during one of the events this week…?

Judging from the comment section, they seem quite popular…


Your wish is granted


How did I miss it??? I was re-booting the computer in prep for Happy Hour, and now sold out :pleading_face:
Now what will keep my horse picks company???


There was only one of this item. Wonder what the buyer is up to. :thinking:
Assisted birthing of calves by Wooters seems a tad uncommon.

Hey, what a wooter does with their OB chain in the privacy of their home is nomb…

(looks like at least 4 were sold, maybe 5 if there were 2 sold in Minnesota)


Since we have to interface with child protective services at least once every 2 weeks, I politely have to say, what people do in the privacy of their own homes sometimes DOES cross the line.

I love watching city folk talk about stuff like this. It makes my day.

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