60% Off - Surya Rugs

I better hurry up and get one of these before they sell out.

What is the “background” color to the Rain rug? Is it a tan or gray? Hard to tell on the computer screen.

Well, rather than trust your screen (each varies), it looks like the Surya site has the Pantone colors.

Rain Moss

You can look those up via Google.

Beautiful…thank you. I did try a half attempt at a Google search…then got lazy.

None of these seem like they would really tie my room together.

Sprint Rug - Taupe 8 x 10.

Umm. This rug. Is Coming apart on me.
I set it down and I noticed after walking over it a couple times it looked like something was getting on it. (Misc. Debry) but on further inspection I brushed over the fibers with my hands and one of my wool socks to double check. And the fibers are coming right off in small bunches with little to effort. (Foot traffic would definitely start to wear on this quickly)

(It’s hard to tell if it’s only possibly a top layer or small bits leftover from when they made the carpet but I have a small ball of Tufts just from brushing over a very small area with my hand )

I really hope this is just a defect , or improper storage and something affected it. Who do I contact about this ?

The rug you bought should have a 1 Year Surya Warranty.
I would recommend you contact their Customer Support Page.

They will more that likely be able to help find a solution to the issue you’re encountering.

If they’re unable to assist you, please feel free to write into support@woot.com and let them know.

I ordered the oasis rug, which on the website is listed as navy as the only option. I was sent a white / cream version which I do not want. Haven’t heard back from returns yet… very dissatisfied!


I’m sorry for the delayed response. I’ll email CS to let them know of your concerns. Thank you for your patience.

WOW! Finally a response, with a return label. Interesting that fedex has now lost my package and wont let me file a claim because ‘woot’ has to do it. Looks like it will be another 2 months until I get a response. God knows how long until I get my nearly $250 refund… going on 4 MONTHS already. Glad to know that they care so little for their customer service!

Oh for crying out… Let me talk to CS and see what they can do.