60’s Space Girls

good luck getting that hair drier to work with the fish bowl on her head.

60’s Space Girls are way better than 90’s Spice Girls.

Wooooo, I’m glad to see this one print! Yay Dooomcat!

I can’t unsee the space diapers however. Damn those white shortie shorts. In the vacuum of space can you avoid the space wedgie?

Still, this is an awesome shirt! Congrats!

Wow - it gets hot in outer space!

Congrats to Dooomcat!

And as Tiny Tim observed:

“God bless us, everyone!”

Merry Christmas to everyone!

ho? ho? ho?

Buck Rogers we miss you. Flash too. Barbarella even.

And the “left most” needs to check the polarity inductor on her ray-gun, the indicator arrow is pointing back at her. Yikes! :wink:

Everybody loves short shorts.

Except DianaSprinkle.

aww I love this but why are they all the same?

Glad this one printed, definitely my favourite of the week. Congrats Doomcat :o)

Merry Xmas everyone!

Have a Stellar Christmas denizens of shirt.woot land. And yes, I’m hoping Santa will drop off my ray gun.

Merry Christmas to you too!

Sure, until these three beautiful Sirens get you to unzip your spacesuit . . .

I’m afraid to look now. Regardless, I’m in for one. Merry Christmas, Diana. Hope to see you at Wondercon this year. :3

I look at this and a little voice starts repeating in my head…

“Up, down, left, right, shoot! Shoot! Shoot!”

Curse you, Space Channel 5.

Damn! Close vote! We haven’t had a tie in a while, would’ve been cool if this had two more votes.

Regardless, congrats on the print, Doomcat! I’m happy to see this place.

Nah, that’s looking top-down on that gun; it’s showing the beam focus.
I was about to mention Barbarella and furry spaceship cabins, myself. (Are they searching for Durand-Durand, or just listening to Duran Duran?)

Oh, and Happy Holidays, you guys. We’re having a Merry Texas Christmas, here :slight_smile: <

After it said ‘sweatsuits and coveralls’ I really thought it would continue with ‘and crocs.’

Oh, yeah, I went there.