600TC 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

These sheets are not 100% Egyptian sheets. Got a set today and they’re only 100% Cotton. The sheets feel rough. Definitely would recommend against buying these.

Uh oh, that’s no good. If you don’t mind, please reach out to Customer Service with a photo of the product label that says 100% cotton.

I totally agree…they are rough and I couldn’t sleep on them.

Same experience, sheets are very rough even after washing. And sheets say 100% cotton vs 100% Egyptian cotton stated on the package

Hey there. We talked to our vendor:

All of our sets are Egyptian Cotton, the care tag may only say 100% Cotton but that’s normal.

I’m going to have to agree with everyone else. Theses sheets are great if you like sleeping on sandpaper. Definitely should have passed on these. Nothing luxurious about them.

I have to ask, did you people WASH these sheets before sleeping on them? Are you aware that there’s about ten pounds of starch added to new sheets before they’re packaged? Even if they’re not egyptian cotton, regular cotton is NOT going to feel like sandpaper.
Besides, you don’t know what kind of factory these things came from. For all we know, some disgruntled worker making $2 a day in some sweatshop peed in the starch before putting it on your sheets. WASH YOUR NEW SHEETS!

Now who would be stupid enough to buy new sheets and not wash them before using? Have you actually tried them?

So to answer your moronic question, yes, washed, used fabric softener, dried, put on the bed. Still felt like sandpaper.

I had the same experience with the 600 TC
Washed, put on bed and feels like rough canvass. No way anyone would sleep on these.