600TC 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets-8 Colors

Hey now…600 thread count Egyptian sheets is luxury that would even make King Tut blush!

So, we finally see real cotton sheets - but they have a sateen weave. So close.

Blue already sold out? Was there only one set???

For my own understanding, what’s wrong with a sateen weave? What are the alternatives and what makes them preferable?

Not all colors are available in all sizes. Looks like we only have Blue in King.

Holding out for 1000tc or higher.

From Wikipedia:
The sateen structure is four over, one under, placing the most threads on the surface, making it extremely soft, though slightly less durable than other weaves.

I’ve had similar Egyptian Cotton sheets for 2 years and they’ve held up pretty good.

Sorry, I just giggle when I see Egyptian cotton made in India. Gotta feel for Egypt.

This has a pretty through explanation

But these are Egyptian Cotton Sateen. Where does that fit in their comparison.


There are basically three weaves for sheets percale, sateen and batiste. Percale is a one under, one over weave. Percale can be soft or crisp depending on the finish and is more breathable than sateen. Sateen is a four over, one under weave which is shinier and softer. Batiste is a one over, one under weave with a fine yarn and is rough. So you either want a percale or sateen sheet and that really depends on what you prefer. I like the sateen weave personally.

If you are looking for 100% true cotton how about these for $38/shipped


A lot of people quoted the technical aspect. For what its worth, here is my subjective 2 cents.

The alternative to Sateen is just a “plain” weave. Sateen sheets are known for having a similar feel to satin or silk (hence the name). Some people (myself included) find satin/silk/sateen to feel “slippery”. At least that is the most frequent complaint I hear (and is the complaint I have about it).

Plain weave sheets are closer to “jersey” cotton in terms of slipperiness. But they dont stretch like jersey, so they dont feel as clingy. They are also more durable than jersey.

Let me help ya’ll clear this up. There are different types of cotton. Egyptian cotton just has a fine, long staple, meaning the fibers are long. That makes a softer fabric when woven. Sateen is just the weave-see my previous post.

Sateen weaves have more vertical than horizontal yarns. The higher proportion of vertical threads results in an extremely soft fabric, but one that is more apt to pill and tear than a plain weave.

After getting off my lazy rear end, I started looking up the different kinds of sheets. From what I could gather, it seems the overstock definition blurred two distinct features-type of cotton and weave. Within the type of cotton, you’ve got Egyptian, pima, and American Upland. A separate feature is the weave-sateen, percale, and oxford. Thanks to Martha Stewart: http://www.marthastewart.com/270671/choosing-cotton-sheets

Regardless, for the thread count this seems a pretty good deal. I bought 700tc Egyptian sateeen from BB&B that were fairly well discounted for more than this. My problem is that I use threadcount as the main consideration. I didn’t realize there may be an inherent inferiority of one weave versus another. I figured percale vs. sateen was more a personal preference.

So is percale where it’s at?

Yes Pima cotton is preferable for crisp sheets…the thread count is good- anything higher would bet too heavy…

That’s what I got from their explanation. Didn’t make sense to assume that sateen wasn’t Egyptian cotton.