600TC 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets Sets

Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

These same sheet sets were on Sellout Woot 3 weeks ago and all sizes were $19.99. What gives??

Hi All,

I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you have.


What does “luxurious sateen finish” mean, exactly?

Sateen is the weave of the fabric. The result of a sateen weave is a luxurious, soft fabric.

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600TC 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets Sets
Price: $39.99 - 59.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jul 20 to Tuesday, Jul 21) + transit
Condition: New


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It’s another way of saying “this isn’t those crisp percale sheets you like, but instead the cheap shiny ones that pill and wear out quickly.”

Aaaahh, luxurious sateen.

Ugh… why do these sales rarely have twin size?

I’m looking for twin sheets (regular, not XL), and haven’t found any good values.

Maybe the white sales in January…

Some people prefer percale, but a lot prefer sateen. Different weaves and feel.

There are always different qualities, both in percale and sateen weaves.

These are high quality sheets, which are tested to the highest standards.


There’s a lot of personal preference involved with sheets. Woot may not be the best place to take a chance like that.

In my experience, “sateen”, while a particular fabric weave, usually ends up being only “soft,” and often quite prone to “pilling” w/use and washing/drying.

Luxurious is, more often than not, little more than one of numerous terms used by mfrs, vendors, advertisers, etc, to describe items in such a way as to lull the gullible into thinking they’ve gotten much more than they actually have - such as “professional” installation, “spectacularly” white teeth, and others too numerous to enumerate here.

Just one more example of a long list subverting the use of accurate, descriptive language…

Could not agree more. Always “best,” if possible, to actually touch and feel sheeting prior to purchase…

OK, so is there anyone that already has these that would care to comment? Is this a good deal.

Why do you do this to me Woot D: I literally just bought some Egyptian cotton sheets two days ago and then this sale pops up. Talk about bad timing haha.

dose anyone know how this set of sheets feels?

Hi, yes as I said, these same sheets were on Sellout Woot 3 weeks ago and all sizes were $19.99. Yes colors were very limited, but I picked up a set of white king-sized sheets and they feel great (of course after being washed).

The sets that ran 3 weeks ago on Sellout were a very limited offering of sizes and colorways in Pima cotton. Those sheets have a great feel, however, they are not the same as today’s Woot. Today’s Woot is 100% Egyptian cotton with a wide range of colors and sizes as well as coordinating pillowcases and duvets. Look for the plus event with these additional items to round out your bedding ensemble.

Who is the manufacturer?

Are these Certified Egyptian Cotton?