600TC 6-Piece Sheet Set With Hem Stitch

are these 100 percent cotton or 60-40 mixed with polyester? the description lists BOTH>

Based on the price and the title, I’m going with 60-40. But I’d like to know for sure as well. I won’t buy anything but 100% cotton.

This is cotton blend, which means both cotton and polyester but they also have only cotton.

Bought these for the guest room bed, which they were used and after the guest left we promptly took them for ours. They’re amazing to sleep in and the blend helps reduce the static* without feeling like you’re being suffocated by 100% poly sheets.

Also, the perk of getting FOUR pillow cases was a huge bonus! They wash well and don’t wrinkle easily.

*When I say reduce, I can finally make the bed without getting lots of shocks!