61” Platinum Plus Deluxe Tripod by Sunpak

No exact woots on this, but woots on other tripods from Sunpak:



Usual buy.com offered it for higher price-$30, a few weeks before this woot:


B&H has it for $49.99 before shipping:

Possibly YouTube video:



Maybe it’s there somewhere and I just don’t see it, but does anyone know what this puppy is made of?

How to Use a Tripod: The Basics

How to use Your Tripod (it’s not as simple as you think!)

How To with video

according to B&H, its aluminum. they have some more detailed information than woot also.
looks pretty nice, but im still looking around for some reviews… havnt found anything yet tho.

Top notch write up on this bad boy. Based on that writeup, you could sell this tripod to anyone who doesn’t even want or need one. Props to the writing team, because that caliber writing would sell ice to an Eskimo. It makes Hemingway look like an amateur.

B&H says it’s aluminum, Woot says it’s platinum (platinum PLUS, even). SOMEone’s not telling the truth here…

“Platinum” is just the product name. It may be a bit elitist, but you don’t really think this is made of platinum - er, I hope?

Nah, I’m just playing around.

Well stop it! You’ll knock over the tripod. :wink:

p.s. the word “tripod” was actually first used by an American photographer, who, when visiting England for the first time, asked “don’t you find this tripe odd?”


It’s time for another Bandrikian mini-review! Oh yeah!

I have a tripod from Sunpak from a previous woot, that looks almost identical to this one (this is the one I have, the Sunpak 620-750BB Platinum Plus 7500 Pro Tripod). Today’s tripod and the one I got are a little different, but I wouldn’t expect much difference in quality. Main difference I can see is that today’s is lighter than the one I’m reviewing, and in turn can’t support quite as much weight… but for a lighter load for YOU to carry, that may not be a BAD thing!

For the price, I was extremely satisfied with it. It’s light, it’s stable, and all the adjustments worked smoothly. It’s rather sturdy (considering the price) and seemed pretty well constructed, and intelligently designed. I never trust bubble levels that are built-in to something, but they seemed to be at least decently accurate.

I’ve even used this in the field, during a storm before. The wind gusts did NOT knock over the tripod (though I am surprised they didn’t!). I was able to get some really neat shots with it (while hiding in my house and using an IR remote, of course).

Overall, this would make a great purchase. For the price, you really can’t go wrong. Even if you already HAVE a tripod, the light-weight may make it worth it to use as a secondary “travel” tripod that doesn’t really sacrifice quality or stability.

Oh yeah, and my 7500 was DEFINITELY aluminum. With today’s tripod being listed as lighter, I’m betting it’s the same.

The closest I found was this Previous Woot for the Sunpak 5200D.

Yours is the 7500 Pro (for some reason, your link didn’t link). Ah - you were still editing.

I have a Sunpak monopod that I Wooted, and an everyday tripod of similar quality (a Davis & Sanford). These products have 3 big pros: 1) they’re cheeeeep 2) they’re light 3) they’re easy to use. They are not rugged professional tripods, so wouldn’t take them on a serious nature shoot (although, if you’re hiking into the mountains, advantage #2 looms large). I feel as if I need to baby my lightweight gear, or else they won’t last long.

Still, they’re great for almost all of your indoor use, and stationary outdoor use (e.g. concerts, fireworks), so I give 'em a thumbs up.

Does anyone know if the center column can be removed and inverted? I can’t tell by the image, but there seems to be a thumbscrew at the bottom that could possibly allow this.

Do they make any of these tripods with 4 legs instead of only 3?..

rimshot :tongue: (thanks, Nightghost, I’m still playing around with the emoticons)

I have several quadrupeds in my house too.

I’m not fully sure what inverting the center column would do, as I never considered it before. If you can, what benefit would this give you?

I got curious and took a look at my Sunpak 7500 I mentioned above. Sure enough, the center column unscrewed from the rest, and could slide out (after loosening the thumbscrew at the bottom if it that keeps it locked into the 3-section brace) and detach it completely. On the end of it was a little metal screw that when removed exposed a small screw that I could attach my camera’s mounting plate to.

Again, not sure why that mounting screw is on the bottom of the center column. This may answer your question, I hope. I’m very curious as to what this is for. Please, eager minds await your response! :smiley: