62" Cat Tree Furniture Condo - Ivory


62" Cat Tree Furniture Condo - Ivory
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Very cheap carpet. I’ve purchased trees like this before, and they barely lasted more than a couple of months before they were scratched to pieces. You save money for a short-term piece of cat furniture, rather than paying twice the price for something that lasts 4x longer from a pet specialty store.

I just bought one from a local cat tree factory outlet that was very similar for half the price. I think if I couldn’t have gotten one for that I would have just tried to build one because not a lot goes into them to be honest. A few pieces of wood, a few squares of carpet, and some sisal…

Although when you buy one it’s kind of nice (if it has screws and not nails) that you can just recarpet / sisal on the cheap every year or two. I mean a roll of the rope is like a couple bucks and it’s only a few sq feet of carpet.

People pay $70 or more for these things? Wow.

Armarkat is a good brand. I’ve had a tree very similar to this one for about five years, and it’s held up well. It’s got some wear and tear, sure, but it’s still in good shape—and I have four very active cats. If I had room, I’d buy this one too.

Don’t believe everything you read from people who are downgrading something they do not own.

I already had two of these and just bought another. As a lifelong cat rescuer and cat foster home we have had more cats than most people can count (currently 16 permanent). These Armarkat trees are quite sturdy and hold up to even my 30-pound Maine Coon’s abuse. Granted they are only good for about 3 years or so, but that is still a bargain.