6V/12V Battery Charger/Maintainer



You guys dropped the ball. There is no model name/number on the pics to know which is which. I want to order one. Fix it. Chop chop.


50 lashes with a wet noodle are in order.
Since proximity to pasta is an issue, let us offer up this information in atonement:

The “Intelligent” charger is number 1229.4000; this is our base model with .75A and initialization, bulk charge, absorption, and float modes.

The “PLUS” charger is number 1229.4012; this model steps up to 1.5A and has the same “Intelligent” features to keep a battery fully charged without overcharging.

The “PRO” charger is 1229.4009 and brings out some additional features. There’s 0.8A and 3.8A available charging modes, and a backlit LED screen to indicate charge level and mode. Speaking of “mode”, it also features four selectable modes for focused charging of 6-volt batteries, 12-volt powersports batteries, 12-volt automotive batteries, or 12-volt batteries in cold conditions.


Thanks for pointing out our flagrant offense - we’ve tried to remedy it with some supplementary information in this thread.

Let us know if you need more info!


Does it do desulfurization?


Hola and Good Morning-

We want to get you the absolutely correct information on this one, so we’ve got an email out to our tech-y team. We’ll let you know as soon as we get the answer!


The Extrememax web site is less than inspiring. FAQ - “More information coming soon. Check back for updates!”, Manuals - “More information coming soon. Please check back frequently for updated product information.”, Resources - “More information coming soon. Please check back frequently for updated product information.”


We double-checked with our tech team and these models don’t feature desulfurization.


Our tears are flowing freely. Someone has called out our web sitely failings. We have been remiss in getting pdf’d manuals, providing links to educational resources, and honestly, (kick us when we’re down!) we don’t have any general FAQs to display. All we offer on our website is products to buy, with descriptions, multiple images, pdf fit charts, and the rare video.

We’re sorry for any typos in this post, but our eyes are too clouded with tears to see straight. Once we recover, we’ll go harshly discipline our web team.

Pinky promise.

Seriously, thanks for letting us know that information is important to you. We want to offer our customers the resources they need when buying our products, and it sounds like those things are part of your purchasing process. It’s good information for us to have about our customers. We appreciate that you did us a solid and let us know what you need in a website.


It looks from the images that the pro model does not have the quick disconnect on the charging leads. is this correct?