6V & 12V Multi-Purpose Battery Charger

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6V & 12V Multi-Purpose Battery Charger
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The title and description and pictures say it is the G3500.

The order form says it is the G2400.

Which is it?

Good catch! I’m not finding a G-2400 out there, so I bet it’s the 3500.

That’s the conclusion I came to as well.

Also the “What’s in the box” (spec page) says it is the 3500.

And it should be noted… The NOCO product page linked earlier for the 3500 says the MSRP is $75.95.

Fixed. Confirmed G3500 is correct. Good catch!

This is nice
Now we need to prod woot buyer into getting some of the 9w solar and waterproof marine on-board units.

Is “woot buyer” a euphemism for “Amazon disposal coordinator”?

Not mentioned in the specs, but pictures show this as a 3.5 amp charger. Probably not the best choice for a car battery that is dead (or real low), as it would take AT LEAST overnight for a good charge at that rate.
This is not much more than a trickle-charger.
More detailed information at the Interstate Battery site: http://www.batteries-faq.com/activekb/questions.php?questionid=55

What do you think woot and other flash sale sites are?

0.5 amps is trickle charging. 5.0 amp is what my optimate 6 goes to for bulk charging. Commercial charging banks and those designed for track use can get up to 10+ volts. 3.5v bulk charge rate is modest, but sufficient. You really shouldn’t be depending on bulk charging all that much anyways, as it decreases longevity.

Maintenance charging mode is useful, as it means you don’t have to worry about boiling your cells. Set 'n forget. A separate mode for agm/glass-matt cells is also good, and Li-Ion of course means it’s relevant for newer battery technologies. But probably not the spec you’d use on plug-ins and hybrids, but rather li-on cells that replace lead acid as they get developed, and cells you have on smaller electronics. The plug-in car’s primary charge port will still go direct to wall, because they have their own charge controllers and higher capacity bulk charging built in. Top-tier modern chargers also feature desulfation mode, which helps save batteries from neglect, and I don’t see that feature on this one. But otherwise it appears pretty nicely featured.

I’m getting one because it’s cheaper and better than the fisher price chargers that charge the kids’ ride-on toys.

Desulfation mode is ruinous for Li-ion batteries, so that’s probably why this charger doesn’t have that feature…

I should have been more specific…top-tier lead-acid battery chargers feature desulfation mode. :smiley: Yes, it would be lousy for Li-on, & I’d hope they’d turn that off when Li-on cells are detected.

Great! Now I’ve got bedbugs from reading this comment! Way to go Woot!

very tempting. I have the marine onboard dual bank charger from this company and it rocks. never any problems. If this was the next model up with booster in it, I would jump on it in a heartbeat.

Is 3.5amps too heavy for a smaller motorcycle battery?

These do have a desulfation (“repair”) mode, but they also have a Li-ion mode as well. They’re not auto-select, you choose the mode you need for the particular battery.

No, this charger is good for 2-120 Ah batteries. Motorcycle batteries are usually around 12-20 Ah. I see there’s even a CANBUS accessory for motorcycles which support that.

Good Deal! Amazon sells for 70… good rating too.