7:20 am alert

A 7:20am alert for an Appsclusive deal is a good way to get me to delete the app from my phone. Some of us keep rock star hours.

I have my notifications turned off while I sleep.

Oooops. Our Sunday one sold out so we launched the other one early. It looks like the Appsclusive notifications aren’t suppressed like the woot daily. I’ll bring this up to all the powers that be and those that aren’t bees.

TIL: Appsclusives need to have suppressed notifications.

In the meantime, feel free to order this shirt. I’ve given you a $6 coupon for it. Use the code STUPIDALERTS at check out. It’s only good for this shirt and only works for your account.

Of course… what I’m really thinking is…

And the person that launched the sale apologizes profusely.


I can’t do that, because work. Being a sysadmin is a 24/7 job.

Hahaha. Thanks.

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