7" Bluetooth & GPS Navigation Headunit Receiver

I got one of these about a year ago. I really like the flip out screen, although sometimes the connection gets bound and the screen goes out. The sound is fine - more depends on your speakers than your head unit. What I don’t like is the lack of a button that switches it to bluetooth mode. Primarily that is what I listen to in the car. With this unit I have to open the screen - which takes a few seconds to slide out - then navigate to the home screen and then press the touchscreen bluetooth button. Doesn’t sound like a big deal until you are running errands and stopping every few minutes and each time you turn off the car it is a hassle to get back to your audible book. A simple button that toggled sources - or a setting that allowed you to default to bluetooth would make this a pretty nice for your money unit.

Isn’t there a “src” button on the remote control that will switch to BT?