7 Daily Sins

This shirt depicts the cats purr-fectly. Seriously, it really does.

I recognize several of the poses. Those of us with cats see most* of these several times a day so why not buy the shirt/hoodie/tote and share them with people not so fortunate ; )

*Sloth, Wrath + Pride for starters

Edit: nice to see cmdixon2 back, even if under an alias.

Wahh. Another shirt I can’t buy. WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME???

Perfect for the neighborhood’s crazy cat lady

Maybe when they remix this, they can pick something other than red. How about navy? Or purple?

Woah, cats really are the embodiment of the 7 deadly sins, aren’t they?

Love this shirt! It’s the best way to carry around my cats favorite poses with me wherever I go…at least until the shirt gets really smelly and needs a wash!

Those “seven” sins aren’t supposed to be a to-do-list. Bad kitty!

Disappointed in the rather anthropomorphic lust pose. If the in-heat pose wouldn’t do, there’s elevator-butt and the full frontal rub-my-belly.

apropos of nothing, are the reds different, or is it just me?

I’m with you on using a different color. I’m a new cat owner and love the design, but I can’t do red. I’m a ginger, and red looks atrocious on me!

But how about a tote bag, in which you can tote home your cat food and litter??

ps, congrats on the new fur baby!!!

The graphic is cool but the red color kills it for me. Maybe a charcoal grey or even black would have been better?

Or the other direction, make the graphic dark against a light background.

In any case this color combination just doesn’t work for me.

Ouch! Can’t type for the kitten gash in my thumb…

Yes, I recognize those poses, but please pick something other than red!

Cmdixon = awesome. Congrats on the print- great drawings and looks terrific as a shirt.

8th daily sin.

A more apt depiction of cat lust would be unearthly yowling from an alley at two in the morning.

congrats on the print, cmdixon!

Look for tattoos on them like this: