7 For All Mankind Women's Denim

You can go in any high end discount store–Off 5th, Last Call or The Rack, for example, and buy these way cheaper. You can also try them on. And return them later if you don’t want them. This is the dumbest sale you’ve ever had here.

I do my best to forget that there are people who spend $100 on a single pair of jeans.

If 7 was the quantity, and not part of the brand name, then I’d say you’ve got a deal!

Speaking as someone who always spends less than $25 per pair. Yup, even talking about DKNY, Calvin Klein, and other brands that typically retail for much more,

Please let me know how you are able to get such deals.

TJ Max, Gabriel Brothers, Goodwill, Salvation army. I will say that although the clothes at goodwill and the salvation army are ‘used’ they are often almost new. You wouldn’t believe some of the clothes people buy, but never wear, that eventually make it to thrift stores. Most recently I bought a pair of black Calvin Klein pants at TJ Maxx for 10$, and a pair of lulumon yoga pants at goodwill for 7$ with the original tags.

Nordstrom Rack carries these at better prices.

wow. even people who drop a c note on jeans can’t get 100% cotton these days. spandex is for bathing suits, not jeans.

People, please make sure you are looking at the correct brand. Seven Jeans is not the same as 7 For all Man Kind. Seven Jeans is often “on sale” in places like Stein Mart, TJ Maxx, and like places. 7 Jeans are same cut as Levis.

I got my wife some 7 For all Man Kind. She has always been happy with what ever pair we get from Costco on the cheap. Now that she has a pair of 7FaM, she only wants to wear the 7FaM. I created a monster. The Italian jean material is so much nicer to the touch.

Now I am not saying these are worth $100. I am perfectly happy with my Lucky jeans from Costco. These 7FaM are much higher priced Name brand item. For some people $100 for these will be a steal.

I think you mean “Seven7” jeans, not Seven jeans. Very minor but huge difference. These are Seven Jeans, they are not Seven7 jeans.

Seven7 Jeans - http://www.seven7original.eu/

Seven jeans - http://www.7forallmankind.com/

Yep. Just got a nice Ralph Lauren Chaps shirt in perfect shape for $3.50. Most of my business class clothes, including ties, can be had for less than $3 on average. It’s called benefiting from others’ excess.