7-in-1 Combo Game

7-in-1 Combo Game

How many other people received the wrong item? I got a bean bag & dart game instead.

Yep same here

I did some sleuthing, and came to the conclusion that there was a mix-up between Woot and the 3rd party supplier/shipper. My package slip had the bean bag/dart description. whoever the 3rd party supplier was, gave out the wrong info and description, and when an item was ordered, i’m guessing only a product number was transferred, so neither side realized the product description didn’t match. So i bet everyone who ordered this got the wrong thing.

Not sure if everyone had this problem or just a few problems, but emailed support and they refunded the order.

Got the wrong one twice (ordered 7-in-1 games and got darts/beanbags). They refunded it the first time, but it’s frustrating that it happened again and wasn’t resolved after a a few consecutive mix-ups.