7 Piece Bedding Sets

You know, not everyone has a queen or king size bed… I’d love one of these in a full or twin.

Can I get some coffee to wash down my breakfast pillow?

This microsuede material…Is that code for sleeping in a drier with some rock polishing sand?

Obviously this price is really good, but…Not if it isn’t soft and also not a solid sheet of plastic.

Can anyone vouch for how they are?

I saw some reviews for some of these and similar ones on amazon.com. There were several 5-star reviews saying they were quite soft and comfortable and were happy with them.

There were also several 1-star reviews saying they unravel or bleed in the washing machine. The 5-stars said to avoid this just wash on cold with the gentle cycle.

I picked up 2 sets to try my luck.

We received this item and the tags say “Dry Clean Only” :frowning:

We are disapoint.

Love my bedding sets. Glad I got them. Very soft and comfy.