7 Piece Classic Patio Dining Set

7 Piece Classic Patio Dining Set

Ponder the question, how badly do I want to save $1200 on a patio set???

This was by far my most expensive woot purchase, so I did quite a bit of research. This is actually a great price, not an exaggerated discount, as is often the case on our favorite deal site. This exact set is listed on Amazon, Home Depot, and the Laural Canyon website for between $2300-2600.

HOWEVER… When my first set arrived 4 our of 6 chairs were damaged to some degree - either cosmetic (scratched/dented) or unusable (aluminum cracked, bottom piece broken so chair does not stay together when lifted). The table was fine.

I contacted woot customer service and asked for 4 replacement chairs. They couldn’t do that, so they sent me an entire replacement set (table included)!!! I was warned that I would be charged an additional $1300 if the broken sent was not returned within 60 days.

I was a little confused about why they sent an entire new set, but when it arrived, I understood… 3/6 “new chairs” were also damaged in some way despite the packaging being unharmed. These are absolutely returns that are being repackaged and sold as new, NOT NEW ITEMS.

I was sent parts to theoretically make 12 chairs. Using some combination of parts between the first order and the replacement, I was able to create a set of 6 new looking chairs with the aid of a touch up pen (I could have made a 7th, but that’s it). They (not sure if woot or distributor) pretty much just sent me stuff they knew was broken and hoped I could create a complete set, which I did.

Now, keep in mind that each of the 4 boxes weights 50 pounds, which is a huge PITA to pack and return, so I just scheduled a UPS pickup - which cost $13. I’m don’t really care about that, but if you are expected to return 50 pound boxes, that service should be included with the return label. Also, plan on using and entire role of packing tape and 2 hours to take stuff apart and prep the boxes.

On to the the actual set. It takes forever to put together, and don’t even start if you are planning on using the included “tools”. You need a good ratchet set/wrenches. Each chair takes about 20 min to put together AFTER you get the hang of it - and I’m really handy (like I built my own deck level handy). The directions suck. It’s a one page diagram of how the chair is supposed to go together, no step by step instructions. I also didn’t get any bolt or nut caps that are show in the picture (in either set).

However, now that I do have a Frankenstein patio set composed from parts from the eight 50lb. boxes shipped to my house I do like (not love) it. The chairs are comfortable and the table looks good and is sturdy. The chairs rock, but could be more stable, I am an aggressive rocker and did tip backwards once, but for most people, they will be fine. They do rock back far enough, but you have to be a little careful.

Overall, between the time spend boxing/unboxing, putting together, taking apart, and dealing with customer service, I put about 8 hours of my life into this project. So ask yourself, “how badly do I want to save $1200 on a patio set?”

P.S. @ThunderThighs does woot do partial refunds? I really feel like I should be compensated for my time and the false advertising. These are not new. They are returns repackaged and sold as new. Also, I want my nut and bolt caps. My set DOES NOT look as good as the picture without them, but don’t you dare send me another four 50 pound boxes.

Hi there. Let me check in with CS.

We couldn’t send you chairs because we only have access to the set. We don’t have parts for any of the items we sell.

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I just got a response from customer service. I appreciate your help in this issue. I am happy with the resolution and remain a faithfully loyal Wooter. FYI, Customer Service did let me know that I am no longer required to return the broken parts…. Unfortunately, you guys are getting them back anyway…. The UPS driver came to pick them up about 8 minutes before I got the email.

As a show of appreciation, I will now provide a positive comment on an item that I recently purchased and love.

I see that the patio set is now “sold out,” smart move. There is now way I was the only person who received damaged goods.

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Heh. It’s sold out because that event ended 9/23. They’ll likely be back at some point.