7 Piece Künstler Steak Knife Block Set by Connoisseur

7 Piece Künstler Steak Knife Block Set by Connoisseur
$11.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 7 Piece Künstler Cutlery Steak Knife Set with Wood Block

Previous Offer (with box instead of block):

Saw these on woot, how’s the quality?

how r these?

but you just sold them in a box why now with a block not fair lol

Wine and knives…what could go wrong?

Saw them on wine.woot last week in a box, passed on it, ate steak over the weekend without steak knives, realized it just doesn’t work. N41.

Kids, don’t play with too many knives…
In for one.

These are quite decent quality, especially for the price, I have a paring knife by this company.

missed these on woot last week… these will replace my old broken a$$ farberware serrated knives nicely

Wouldn’t serrated be better for steak? Think I’m passing on these for that reason. Besides, already have a set of Henkels. Why am I tempted by these again?? :wink:

I fantastic deal. I have the knife set with block of …ummmm…not sure what you actually call them…the set with all the fancy chef knives. lol! but anyway…they are fantastic. Already have steak knives or would get these but if you want them, do it. Great quality!!!

And hurry so I can get back to looking at wine! He He!

I got the regular knife set a while back. They look really nice, the knifes were really sharp out of the box. Overall seem like great quality knives for the price. I would recommend buying them.

Meant to buy a set the other day when they were being sold in the box. Glad I forgot to get back on and get them, a block is better! In for 3, 1 for me, 1 for a gift…and 1 for a future gift? hehe

I’ve had a set of kitchen knives from IKEA for about 10 years but there were no steak knives with it. Hopefully I can replace my current collection, which is somewhat ecclectic. These look like a perfect match, we’ll see when they show up at my door. The price is right so it doesn’t matter if their not, Ebay or a yard sale is the worst thing that could happen. In 4 2

I personally prefer straight blades for meat. I think they cut more easily and smoothly.

Oh yeah! Time to throw out the old mixed knives in the drawer! In for 1 for me and 2 for gifts.

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7 Piece Künstler Steak Knife Block Set by Connoisseur [New] - $11.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * 7 Piece Künstler Cutlery Steak Knife Set with Wood Block

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I thought this was wine.woot not steak.woot or knife.woot wtf.woot?

Straight blades are actually the professional way to cut cooked meat. Serrated tears the meat, this slices.

I’m in for 1.

sigh even though I have a block of crappy steak knives already… These look much more solid.

I also like the straight edge, not exactly because it cuts steak better, but because I can sharpen them when they get dull. Thus adding to their longevity and, in the long run, they will cut better.

I’ve also been known to use a good steak knife for culinary purposes when I require a quick slice of something. A straight blade will suit me perfectly.

And so I am in for two, hopefully will get before x-mas so I can quick-gift somebody.