7 Piece Künstler Steak Knife Block Set by Connoisseur

Non-serrated are “technically” (although as with all food, this is totally subjective) better, simply because they are less likely to shred the meat, instead just cutting through cleanly. For this price, with a full tang, in for 1

Apology for the redundant post

In for one - don’t know what to do with these yet but I’m sure I’ll find someone to give them to this year.

Only if your steak is well done and very dry. :slight_smile:

son of a wootoff!.. I just bought these when they came with the case to match the cutlery set I bought from them a month ago. WTF now they come with a block?

Grabbed 2 of these, didn’t have to pay for shipping with my Woot-off lights coupon, made it an even better deal.

I bought these about a month ago on Woot. The quality seems okay, but a couple of the knives have already rusted due to being left in sink water for a couple of hours.

But then again, for $12, what do you expect?

Crack Stuntman gonna save some lives…

Missed the box set of these last week and was disappointed. First time in a while that something sold out that I actually looked at and planned to come back and buy later.

Where’d ya score that?

Would be nice if there site was working so you could actually buy something that you want!

I like the idea of the block. It’s a nice way to bring them to the table (rather than putting them out where little hands can get to them).

This guy knows what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

In for 2… is this ever going to sell out? I’m impatient… can you tell?

There was a woot a few months ago, where you were buying woot-off lights, and if some digit in your order number matched the last digit of the NYSE closing price, you got a BOC. I didn’t win (off by one digit) and got an e-mail with two $5.00 off coupons. I assume all other non-winners got the coupon as well.

I think Elin just might be giving Tiger one of the knives in this set as a holiday surprise.

Quick Click and Buy says these are made of 18/0 (eighteen/zero) stainless.

Edit: fixed link.

Put the Driver down! Coffee is for CLOSERS!!!

Good info, but the link went to the other set. This one should go to the steak knives. They should get the job done well with proper care (don’t put in dishwasher).

These are actually pretty nice quality and awesome for the price. They have a good amount of weight to them so you can feel like a real man cutting into a real man’s meal.

ugh, Farberware. Had Farberware growing up and swore my kitchen would never have any of their stuff (no offense).

I think you’re better off replacing them.

These look good… thinking…