7 Piece Künstler Steak Knife Box Set by Connoisseur

7 Piece Künstler Steak Knife Box Set by Connoisseur
$11.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 7 Piece Künstler Cutlery Steak Knife Set with Wood Storage Box

is it 440 steel

So, what, “7-piece” means one piece is the box?

Well, okay.

Hmmmm…I’d be in for one if it were the 8 piece set from back in October.


And damn it! I missed the balsamic. I forgot that the woot changes every day this week. Grrrrr!

That’s a sharp looking knife set!

Hey, I was expecting some kind of primo olive oil or something else from Casadecase. What’s which these dollar store knives?

Any rats around? I need steak knives and I’d love to get that hideous block off the counter.

Anyone know the dimensions and the weight of the box with the complete set in it. Was wondering if it would make a good addition to my tailgating kit but don’t want something too big and heavy taking up room with my other gear.

Bonus: I can hone these, unlike my current lousy serrated (and partially broken) knives. Like the full tang, too.

I got the 8 piece set a while back and really like them the metal from the blade goes through the handle so they are stronger than most cheaper knives

So are these knives actually any good? Or is it another one of those you get what you pay for type lessons?

Ugh, I hate steak knives that aren’t serrated.

The dimensions appear to be more close to 15"x6" than anything else. The weight is probably between 1 to 1-1/2 lbs.

I ordered the 8 piece set from a little while back and I am really happy with them. The quality of the set was really quite good and when you consider the price I really think it was an excellent deal.

After getting that set I was hoping Woot might put up matching steak knives. I’m in for two.

Any other comments? Are they sharp? Do you hone them? How’s the feel and balance? Have you tried shaving with them? If you put one in the freezer for a while will your tongue stick to it?

do they remain sharp for a while or do they dull quickly I’m in need of long lasting sharp knives

Yes they are sharp… I have the Kitchen knives not the steak knives so mine have sliced though everything I put them through… No I haven’t tried to freeze them to my tongue but I could take one for the team I guess…

here’s that 8-piece set that people are mentioning.

wine.woot is changing twice a day this week, it seems.