7” Polaroid Widescreen Portable DVD Player

Rechargeable battery NOT included what a rip no good

yaaa, no thanks

Wasn’t there another DVD Player for $89.99 earlier?

No more crap please !!!

No rechargeable battery… no thanks, not very portable lol

Man, shoveled for two hours to only miss five items. Lucky me.

Woot, then you greet me with the second portable DVD player today…crap.

didn;t we just have this??

I’ll never own another Poloroid item. Bought a TV and camera by them in the past few years, both total POS.

OK - so I never saw the bar move on the sloar lights, it never indicated ANY comments - and yes I refreshed. Things are gonna really cook if BOC hits the fan

why do i keep getting flipped back and forth between this and those shitty lights?


PLEASE NOTE: Rechargeable battery NOT included

Absolutely. No battery? Nooooooooooo thank you.

Do people really use these? I just use the laptop.

Hooray for Foul Language Filtering Technology

man alive…slow today…imagine if the B to the O to the C shows up…

Been wanting one of these for a while. And yet I think I’ll pass.