7” Portable LCD HD Digital TV



lame buy.com same price


Hey! I was First! I’m never first!

And it looks like they have a bunch of them. Yay to a slow start to the morning.


Arrgg… give me the skewers so I can hang myself.

screen resolution is pretty poor:
Resolution: 480x234
but I guess for $50 what can you expect.

Close to the same price from a dealer on Amazon.


Um, er, um… size matters.

Why do we continue to tolerate manufacturers putting “HD” in bold sans seriff when their product has a native resolution lower than my cell phone?

Resolution: 480x234

$48.50 on Amazon with free shipping.

HD TV with only RCA inputs? Fail!


Looks of solid construction. I can’t imagine anything breaking that stand or the included extension stand.

I’m confused how they can call this an HD TV when the resolution is below standard def? Am I missing something?

$48.50 +$11.36 shipping at Amazon

3.5 stars (n=5)

give me a 32" portable LCD TV!!!

That was my first thought, too…