72" x 16" Torchiere Floor Lamp



If you live in a suburban apartment, I believe it is mandatory that you have one of these lamps.


What’s a Flooer Lamp? Sounds Scandinavian.



looks like a good choice for recreating a warm ambiance. the tinted shade should cast a “warm white” glow regardless of light bulb used.

too bad i strictly prefer “cool white” shades that can project colors in the 5000-6100k spectrum.


So is this lamp intended more to provide additional lighting for an alcove/dark area of a room than as the primary light for a room?


with 150 watt max capacity i’m sure if you’re running 2 75w CFLs you can light a small-medium sized room pretty well. i’ve seen less wattage-capable floor standers like these light up rooms.

now if you’re doing hardcore textbook cramming or assembling a 3000-piece puzzle, i’m not sure a single one of these is your cup of tea. perhaps more tea for your optometrist?


I believe it will only hold one light bulb.


oops, there went my reading comprehension.

yeah, a 150 watt bulb should be bright enough i’d think. though if you went CFL that route, it’ll get expensive and at that price point i’d consider much more permanent/energy efficient means by LED.


Is the stem of the lamp black?


I am no lamp expert, but 59.99 seems expensive for a lamp on Woot


Traditionally, these lamps were designed with Halogen bulbs. So that you could also cook hot dogs on them.


We bought that exact same “custom” lamp last year at Costco. Big fans here, I’m in for another to match. We use an LED bulb in it but ours is a 3-way bulb type lamp so you have to click twice before the bulb works.


Is the base round with a square underneath, or is that just the display? It’s hard to tell if that’s part of the lamp.


@ the writer this week:

I am smiling with complete and utter glee.

… that is all.

… The exact pixelness between the “light on” and “light off” pics lend themselves to a .gif


It says it is bronze


I’ll admit.

I partially made this just to see if I could.

Here, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy…