72" x 16" Torchiere Floor Lamp



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Image inspired by previous woot write-up:

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Would love to hear from people that bought this previously. Do you like it? Does it look like the picture?


Urn style huh? Now I can keep Grandpa warm AND well lit!


“Can hold a 3-way bulb with a 150 watt maximum wattage”

Do they make 3-way CFLs? I like 3-ways a lot! (bulbs! bulbs!)


Yes, it comes with a 3-way cfl bulb. 13w/18-20w/23w modes.
You can also use any regular cfl or led light bulb. Just make sure that you always use it on high (full power if you do.) ((Sometimes high is the second click and med is the third…))


This looks like a solid classy piece. I am not finding any reviews on this Torchiere. I have seen it priced on sale for $99! Happy New Year!


Specs say “Requires bulb (not included)”


Bought this from Woot! 2 months ago for $10 more.

Nothing special, you can usually get similar lamps from a local chain store. It does come with a CCFL bulb, but it is not a 3-way bulb. The socket is a 3-way socket, though.

It comes packed in styrofoam, but it is rather crumbly styrofoam. Little beads of styrofoam seemed to be everywhere, and the static electric charge in them makes them almost impossible to deal with. I recommend opening and assembling it outside.


Is it sturdy? Many of the lower priced models that you can find at the local big box feel very flimsy. I’m always hesitant to pickup one of those for fears that it won’t survive a bump from the 70 lb labrador.


Yes, you can get 3-way CFL bulbs at most places that sell CFL bulbs (hardware stores, big discount stores, club stores).

I’ve been using one in a floor lamp similar to this one for over a year. Like other CFLs, the 3-way kind takes a short while to reach maximum brightness.


Can you tell me if the lamp is UL Listed??? Thanks,


Anyone know if the lamp is UL Listed?

That will make my decision…


I bought this lamp from Costco about a year or so ago paid more for it then the price @ Woot.
The problem I had right out of the box was the switch that turns it on off never worked could not turn the thing I even hired a weight lifter to come turn it but instead he turned the whole lamp and not the switch!!! but really the switch has never worked luckly it was in the on and the lamp is hooked to a switch on the wall so its never been a problem … yes i knowi can take back to Costco but im lazy… :slight_smile:


I bought a similar lamp from Costco this past weekend for $54, it was just slightly different style where is has like a sphere just under the lamp but I am thinking they are made by the same company since they look identical and PP mentioned he bought it from costco as well…

so far I love the lamp, it is really sturdy and provides a lot of light and looks very professional, more expensive than what you pay for it…

comes with that special looking bulb thing (eco friendly ones?) and there are 3 different light settings


May have been a similar lamp but this is ours. All ours. From the features:

Hey, have you seen our lamp? That’s right, OUR lamp! We did a little wheelin’ and a little dealin’ and we got us a custom light-bringer, just so we could impress you. Hope you like it.


and to others, it does look just like the picture and the sturdy-ness of it is much better than that of the flimsy floor lamps one picks up at target or walmart… the poles are about an inch to just over an inch in diameter, it’ very sturdy and base is heavy


Want to click, but the description does not seem to match the picture. Lamps that have an “antique golden sand finish” typically do not look like the bronze color that is shown in the picture. They are more yellow-gold.


If this was custom made for Woot, how did you arrive at a list price of $99.99?


Good question! And I also want to know if is UL rated!