720p Wireless Indoor IP Camera

**Item: **720p Wireless Indoor IP Camera
Price: $69.99
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Condition: New

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5/30/2013 - $100.00 (Woot Plus)


3 Star average from Amazon

Info, docs, downloads and more from Zmodo

Without Zmodo cameras we would not have known what happened to our family van!!

Check out these comments for this when it was offered in May

So If I hook this up to my network, will I be able to monitor the feed in real time when I am away from the house?

I’m not only tired but anything but a techie.

For purposes of detecting home intrustion, how would this item be compared, positive and negative, to the Brite Line electricity line cameras featured in Woot plus under regular woot?

I’m wondering if each has a motion detector in the camera? And if it actually notifies your phone if there is an intrusion which you can then view? I am interested in protecton and notification not taped images of who entered my house which I will review laer.

I’m sure you bright techy folks will also have other comparisons to offer that I wouldn’t even think of regarding capablities and performance.

It appears to have a Mic, does it have talk back capability?

From their website:
SD Card Recording

Feel comfort knowing you can check on your property when you’re not there. This wireless IP camera has an embedded SD card slot that can support a micro SD card up to 64GB. You have the option to continuously record, motion detected record or set a schedule to only record during certain times of the day.

Free Zviewer PC Software & Email Notifications

The free Zviewer PC Software is an easy to use solution that can record the footage from your camera to your computer. This software makes it simple to be able to view, record, and playback video from your camera. With this software you can even send email notification to your e-mail or mobile phone when motion automatically triggers video recording

Anyone use this as a baby monitor? I don’t care about talking back just want to access from my iPhone.

Those Amazon reviews aren’t very helpful. It devolved into a flamewar.

i Had The Same Question… But For Android

I bought 2 of these back when they were $99 on Woot. I’m somewhat a techie but these still are somewhat difficult to setup. I still can’t get the two of them to display on on the iPhone software they give you. Works great with one though. I have both of them setup at a vacation home. One looking out at the view and the other on the inside for potential thiefs. The best thing is that you can set them up with motion detection that will either record and/or send a picture by email to you. Even though they are 720, I am not impressed at all with the quality of the picture. The picture gets blurry the farther you get from it (> 20 feet) and don’t expect to get a clear image in the email you are sent either. A 3 star by amazon standard is about right.

BTW, as a monitor for a baby, you can set it up on your phone and they will work from any location. If you are using wifi in a home they are best, but OK across the internet also.

Yes, works pretty good across the internet.

I notice your video was at night, and of stuff that is outside - but this is an indoor camera. How do you have it set up? I was under the impression that the IR would reflect and flood the camera if you tried to do night time shots through a window.

Did you get your van back and did they catch the scumbags?

does this connect wirelessly to my wireless router or do you have to hook up (wired - RJ45)directly to my router/modem?


The fact that this camera supports ONVIF at this price is pretty awesome. This compatibility is really hard to find in this price range and opens up a lot of flexibility for program/VMS usage, like Milestone or Genetec. Personally, I like Milestone X-Protect Go for a full-featured free selection.

does it come with a 16gb memory card? on amazon it does “ZMODO 720P HD Wi-Fi Wireless Network IP Camera with Easy QR Code Smartphone Setup Plus Free 16GB SD Card - Designed for Home Use”