75 MPH versus 95 MPH - Any real benefit?


Does speeding 20 MPH over the limit really change how soon you arrive somewhere or are speeders just little kids at heart wanting to go fast? I believe in going with the flow which usually hovers around 60-70 in my area. I drive a hybrid so mileage isn’t an issue for me. Neither is going from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds.

Are those of you cuting me off at 95 MPH, causing me to swerve, really doing anything productive or just trying to cause an accident?

I figure if we leave the same place and travel the same route, me at 75 and you at 95, for every 30 minutes you gain about 10 minutes. So for a 1 hour drive, you arrive 20 minutes before me? Is that really worth it compared to my safety and the safety of others?


for them it is.

most never learn though.

well except when they kill someone and go to jail for it

or kill themselves.


A lot of them never learn then. Some people behind the wheel of a car never grow up.


I got 12.6 minutes for each hour, but I could be wrong, I don’t really want to think right now.


I live on a street about an eighth of a mile long. There’s kids on the street. No sidewalks. The speed limit’s 25. You’d be amazed at the number of people who live near the end of the street (where I do) that have to do 35 or 40. They gain maybe five seconds.


It’s worth it when you are seriously roadtripping. I have been able to drive the NW ALCAN in 52 hours.


The easiest way to get from here to where my kids go to school includes taking the NYS Thruway for part of the trip. My husband always had us going a different way, which takes us on a bunch of roads instead of just that one.
I finally asked him why and he said traffic on the thruway was too fast. I figured he was nuts and I took it the last time I came home alone.
Well, he was right.
I have no problem going 75mph. I’ll even go 80. It was like I was standing still. Quite a bit of the traffic was going over 90. What happened to the cops? They can make a ton of money on those tickets!


There is be kids on my street two.


Fist hit with google “speed limit mortality”

As of April 1987, states were permitted to raise the speed limit on rural interstates to 65 mph without incurring federal sanctions; 38 states elected to do so in 1987. Fatality data for the months when the new limit was in effect in 1987 were compared with fatalities in the same months of 1982-86 on rural interstates and other rural roads. Fatalities on rural interstates in the states with increased speed limits in 1987 were conservatively estimated to be 15 percent higher than they would have been if the states had retained the 55 mph limit (95% CI = 6, 24). Among states that retained the 55 mph limit, fatalities on rural interstates were 6 percent lower than expected (95% CI = -23, 13).


I have a new invention: The Asshole Gun.

Each car could have one of these mounted to the roof. When deployed, it would electronically tag a car with an “asshole” tag (more descriptive could be used such as tailgater, etc.)

This tag would go into a user database, and a heads-up display in your car would add the tags to the cars around you. You could then see the level to which people are dissatisfied with the drivers around you.

If a car was tagged very often, their ability to tag would be compromised/restricted/vetoed.

If a person tags too regularly, the same.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the people who will cut you off before they do so?


I’m thinking a paint ball gun built into the car. But I’m going to patent it so I have the only one!

Biggest difference between 75 and 95 is at 75 you stand a slim chance of surviving if you lose control of the car. At 95, none.


I just don’t get this. I NEVER speed, geez, accidents happen but speeding is totally under your control. Daughter got a speeding ticket a couple of years ago and she learned her lesson (I hope).
I have gotten one speeding ticket in my life, and that was, I believe, in 1987.
And I have been driving for…well, let’s just say…
Decades, lol.



I used to be a speeder until I had kids.
Than I thought about it… what would their mother tell them about how I died?

I still speed although it’s now 70 in a 65 instead of 90


Exactly the same here, except I thought about who would raise my kids if I was dead and it scared me so much, I stopped speeding and started driving defensively.


How did you get to drive without having the kids with you!??!!?


I didn’t say the kids weren’t with me.


Good, the only time I got to drive alone was one night I got really mad and left hubby and the kids and drove to the end of LI and back. That took about 4 or 5 hours.


and you didn’t come visit???


First of all I went east, not west.
Second of all you would have been 10 years old!


wow! you sure bare a grudge…

you could have come and played anyway…