78-Inch Cat Tree Condo - Ivory


78-Inch Cat Tree Condo - Ivory
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Mar 18 to Wednesday, Mar 19) + transit
Condition: New


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I bought one of these last time they were available here. My cat spends most of they day on it. He loves it!!! I’ve spent some time shopping around and this is quite a good price for a large cat tree. It seems to be good quality as well.

Ditto the comment above. My cats love this. I was hoping this would show up again. Getting one for a gift for my sister right now.

In for one. I currently have a 6ft tree with one “house” down low and one perch at the top. My cats don’t like the “house”, so it’s used to store their toys and such. But we have 5 cats, so 1 perch just isn’t enough. This should help to solve the problem… and for WAY less than I’ve seen elsewhere.

In for one. 4 cats who like to climb everything else…thx Woot and those that took the time to comment.

In for one, though I really shouldn’t have as we’re trying to save money. But this is an awesome price for an Armarkat tree, and my cats love getting up high. Their 56’’ one just isn’t tall enough.

Damn you Woot! Just… shut up and take my money. sigh

Ok, do I spring for the ivory one, or cross my fingers that they will offer a darker one later. Decisions. Decisions.

My brother bought one of these for his cats. They love it. Its huge by the way… 7’ tall. Heavy too - came in two boxes.

I figured it was a good scratching post too, so I got one for each cat in the family.
I was too lazy to figure out the password for older accounts, so I got 3 on one account.
Now I’ll have to pay to mail two.
//smack self

maybe it will come by the weekend and Son can take his.
Yeah right.

Before I purchased it, I checked out other prices and they were running $115-$135 on supposedly “value” sites. This is a deal! My cats will love it.

Who cares? It’s a cat tree for cryin’ out loud. You’re cats will just love you more because you thought of them

Has anyone received this yet? As of today mine is still not shipped…

I don’t see any tracking information on your order yet. I’m asking from this end to see if I can get some information. Sorry for the delay.

UPDATE: We’re working with the vendor now.

I also have not gotten mine yet either. Any idea how much longer it will take to arrive?

We appreciate your patience during this matter.

According to Woot Staff, we’re still coordinating with the vendor/shipping dept.

More than likely we should be provided with a status update on these orders very soon.

Still waiting on mine as well. I have emailed WOOT twice with no response. Poor customer service.

I’m very sorry, at this time we should be able to answer emails within two business days- we are definitely aware of the lack of cat-tree-tracking though and are working on it!

FedEx tracking has identified my cat tree which shipped from Carrollton, TX yesterday, 3/27/14 with an estimated delivery date in Washington, DC of 4/2/14. Order Status is “Shipping Soon” and Tracking is still “Uavailable” in “Stuff You Bought”.

FedEx “Track by Reference” with my order number finds this shipment too.

FWIW, I was in the same boat as everyone else yesterday, but as of this morning it shows shipped in my “Stuff You Bought” with tracking information, and FedEx says it will arrive Wednesday.