That black rectangle around the design isn’t going to print on the shirt is it?

Of course a troll would use a Pear. Of course!

I’m surprised he gets good WiFi under a stone bridge.

Vancouverrrr. Represent

Most likely not. it could be that the design was too detailed for them to place it on the comp the way they normally do. That, or someone slipped when they created the comp.

In case you were wondering, the goat’s screen reads:


edit: oh woot, your filters are hee-haw-larious. the screen actually reads N zero zero B SUX.

The first rule of internet forums is you don’t feed the trolls.

where he get his laptop? i want one of those. and what kind of fruit is that? pear?

Why a “Pear” Computers Logo? I mean, trolls usually think themselves as superior and are usually using a Martianware laptop!

Is it wrong if I see the troll in this shirt as a possible portrayal of some of the people who try to get quality posts on woot…like me for example?

When I saw this design, I immediately thought of shirt.woot’s own ********.

This shirt is ____ ___, , l337, and

I begin my annual plea for LONG-SLEEVED tees.


Kid, just baaaan the troll.

Ya’ll postin in a troll thread.

The second rule of internet forums is YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT INTERNET FORUMS.

Or maybe that’s Fight Club.

Is this violating Pear Computer corporation’s trademark?

By the looks of the troll’s logo, this shirt is not compatible with a mac, but might be with a regular pc. Assuming pc stands for “Pear Compliant” that is.

So wait is the goat using a laptop too? Whats that black square say? Why are there goats on a bridge? Does he get decent wifi under that bridge? ~Shirt question overload~