The product narrative should have been written in AlTeRnAtInG cApS

Where the heck does he plug that thing in to charge it?

I’m under ur bridge, trollin’ ur posts.

Internet Troll (definition) on Wikipedia

There are several Wooters that should probably avoid posting in this thread, lest the mod give them a quality post that says simply “Troll 1” and “Troll 2…”, etc.

“Trollcial Security Number”

Ha ha ha. I love it!!

Pear is already taken by Nickelodeon, most notably in iCarly. There are plenty of other fruits to use though!

Why are there goats using a computer.

Didn’t I see this in an old Archie comic?

Oh, wait, that was yesterday’s shirt.

What Sux? I cannot read it. I see sux but the first word isn’t legible. I must know!!! I have a strong feeling you are talking about me!!!


he uses those flying monkeys woot dumps off by the truckload to bring him his necessary items

I really like the artist’s contrast of the white picture on the black shirt.

The real question, though, is how long until he calls the goat Hitler?

There’s a little plug on the right side of the bridge, where you can’t see it from this perspective.

Ha…the continuing relevance of fairy tales is always cheering/scary/good for Disney’s (and others) profits.

Farmville, duh

A troll is a troll, and a roll is a roll. And if he don’t eat no rolls, then we don’t get no trolls. Don’t feed the trolls.

Hey, at least it’s easy to pair your peripherals with that laptop.


Just finished reading about all the drama thats happened in the last 24 hrs on shirt.woot–whew! I was ready for a new shirt.

This is what I imagined NightGhost looks like.

3 of these shirts is not enough for who I want to give these to. What about bulk orders?

Thanks for tolerating my bad puns. Coming up with something idiotic after midnight each night is exactly the study break that I need! Happy wooting!

I am so going to work the word armadilloic into casual conversation tomorrow.