7th Gen. Laundry Pods 2pk Your Choice

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**Item: **7th Gen. Laundry Pods 2pk Your Choice
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Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at amazon

From the description:

What’s wrong with optical brighteners?

I have purchased their liquid laundry detergent before in my quest to be more green. It wasn’t good at getting out stains that other detergents would of had any problem zapping. It was fine for just a needs freshened up kinda laundry, but any food stains, or grass or packed on you-don’t-want-to-know-what-it-is kinda thing, not so much.
Who knows ? Maybe the pods are an improvement.

It’s probably not good for your eyes.

From the specs:

So much sodium, so little enzyme. With enzymes being the last three ingredients, I wonder how effective these are. One good thing is that sodium lauryl sulfate is a proven shark repellent!

Thanks, I’ll be sure not to wash my eye patch and glasses in it. :slight_smile:

These are expensive but the mission statement and mandarin-sandalwood scent are just intriguing enough to make good gifts for Green friends. Will probably buy 6 as stocking stuffers…

Well, I’ve had hot sauce made with ghost peppers, and they’re last on the list of ingredients, but will leave an inferno in your mouth if you don’t use it sparingly. See what i’m saying?

They look like large mint candies.

Optical brighteners are basically UV reactive fluorescent dyes. They make white clothes glow blueish in sunlight (and blacklights) so they appear whiter than they are.

Takes your t-shirt from warm white to cool white.

BUT! They are what make dark clothes “fade”. Most clothes don’t actually fade but the optical brighteners in most detergent makes the fibers give off a dulling glow in daylight.

A few washes in detergent with no UV dye and black jeans will be black again. YMMV, of course.

If you have a black light around shine it on your detergent and see.

As enticing as the “flavors” sound, I wouldn’t eat them. In fact all these pods are dangerous for little kids and dogs that do tend to eat things that look like candy but aren’t. There’s been a lot on the news about this problem and I think they have to have a warning on them about it. I’m sure it helps 'cause we all know kids and dogs read the box before they eat soap.

They have to taste like poison. Surely any kid or dog in their right mind would spit it out immediately. There should be a caution for people on low sodium diets though.

No, I don’t. In your case, the tongue is sensitive to the pepper’s capsaicin and ghost peppers have a high level of capsaicin. Most importantly,you have direct contact in a controlled environment. In this case, none of the three enzymes are especially powerful and become incredibly diluted in wash water. Worse, the environment is far from controlled. For example, there is no measurement of water (volume, temp, hardness), type of fabric, kind of dirt, how much dirt, how set in it is, etc. Furthermore, this detergent can be used in cold water which means that the enzymes don’t even have heat as a catalyst. Can a few drops/grains of enzyme work in several gallons of water?

Hehe … the problem is that some of these detergents, especially in pods made for dishwashers, are so caustic that burns can happen upon contact. Also note that not all poisons taste horrible. Antifreeze, for example, is sweet. In fact, it is so delicious that 90,000 animals and 4000 children ingest it annually. And there have been many cases of intentional poisoning with it. As for pets, bad taste is not always a deterrent. I had a cat who loved to chew all my cables and wires. I tried coating them with hot sauce, vinegar and commercial repellents (which was apparently very bitter) without success.

I bought these from Amazon a while ago when they were on sale. The scent on the mandarin and sandalwood variety is nice and not overpowering.

They don’t clean worth a damn though. Basic stains that are easily removed by other detergents are left on the clothes. In addition, these things left residue on the clothing that seemed to be from clumps of detergent that never dissolved through the wash cycle. I’ve tried these in a few different laundry machines and the results are always the same. These may be nice for whatever environmental savings they may claim, but, as mentioned in another post, they aren’t much good for anything more than very lightly soiled clothing. I’ve been throwing them in with an unscented liquid detergent to get the scent from the pods and to use them up. I wouldn’t buy them again.

Consumer Reports did a test on laundry pods and these came out dead last due to their higher cost per load and inability to clean anything. The original article is members only now but it’s summarized nicely here.